First, project survey
Project Name: Acer and Shangluo real estate planting base construction project
Construction unit: Shaanxi tuicheng pharmaceutical science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Construction site: Jiangshan scenic spot and purple Valley Valley in Shangluo
Construction content: planting demonstration base
The overall goal: Acer truncatum seeds, medicinal and plant oils.
Investment scale: 1 billion 61 million 700 thousand RMB
Two. The background of the project, the necessity of investment and the economic significance
Acer (Acer truncatum Bunge) aceraceous deciduous trees, also known as Acer truncatum, is a species endemic to China, life of up to hundreds of years and thousand years. It is as high as 8 -10 m, the bark dark gray and yellow, shaped like gold China for Samara "and named" ancient silver maple. Acer at 4 -5 in September, fruit mature, the seed kernel oil 47.83%, oil Huang Liang, with peanut oil smell, excellent edible oil and oil industry. Cold, barren, stress resistance and adaptability is very strong, not strict requirements on the soil. For Sandy and Rocky Mountain in arid and semi arid areas, excellent ecological economic tree. The spring and autumn leaf color red, is one of the common trees in urban and rural areas, but also the important landscape trees. The species is a set of high-quality oil, tannin, vegetable protein, chemical raw materials, medicinal and ecological protection, fine wood, leaves the characteristic landscape tourism resources for a multi benefit economic species development and utilization prospects. Our country to be tens of thousands of hectares of farmland to forest land in which 80% kinds of barren, is to adapt to the acer. Acer have strong adaptability and wide adaptability, contains a huge economic value, will play a great role in the process of tackling poverty in china.
The special natural conditions in Shangluo make it a truly natural pharmacy store and biological resource gene bank, and large-scale cultivation of traditional Chinese medicinal materials can also promote the development of Chinese herbal medicine industry, increase farmers' income and achieve considerable economic benefits.
At present, Shaanxi Benedict Cheng Pharmaceutical Industrial Park project has been in the construction period, for planting, planting Chinese herbal medicine estate Acer Sales provide a guarantee.
Three, construction content and scale
1. Construction content
The construction of sightseeing park construction and Acer, Acer million mu of economic forest. Planting base in Damascus to grow roses, Acer truncatum, lavender planting sightseeing area. And the development of forest economy, interplanting Shangluo authentic medicinal herbs Schisandra, Platycodon root, Scutellaria, epimedium, Atractylodes rhizome, Polyporus, Echinacea etc.. Acer recovery and supporting the construction of forest land management station.
2, construction scale
This project aims at Jiangshan scenic area, purple Valley Building a total area of ten thousand acres of Acer sightseeing park.
The first phase of the first construction of 700 acres, of which 500 acres of land will be used for the construction of Acer demonstration plantations, Acer per acre planted 36 strains, calculated according to three year old seedlings 8-10cm 500 yuan / plant, invested 9 million yuan, 200 acres of land as land supporting, including tissue culture, seedling cultivation base, invested 20 million yuan. After the expansion to ten thousand acres of Acer truncatum plantation propagation sightseeing, to invest 167 million 400 thousand yuan in real estate with herbs under the tree, and complete the construction within two years, after the construction can be planted about 407000 trees per plant Guaguo 40kg Acer truncatum, according to calculations, can produce about 16000 tons of gold was experimentally, herbs, essential oils etc..
The latter plan in Acer truncatum plantation construction of 50 thousand acres of barren hills in Shangluo city. At present, Shaanxi sincere Pharmaceutical Industrial Park is under construction, can truly achieve the "company + base + + farmer cooperatives, production, processing and sales as one of the business model of the industry, play" industry promotes agriculture ", promote the development of local economy in Shangluo, to promote the" three rural issues ".
The project invested 900 million yuan to build seedlings after third years of production, annual output of 72 thousand tons of gold which was experimentally output value of 36 thousand yuan / ton, according to the calculation, the annual output value of 2 billion 592 million yuan per mu of barren hills, the output value of 51 thousand and 840 yuan / year, construction processing enterprises and the core base will arrange the employment of 280 people, 10 acres of land per household management, cooperatives + farmers can solve 5000 households planting income 18 thousand yuan / mu, removal of seedlings and seedlings maintenance costs 2 thousand yuan / year, ten year cumulative net income of 143 thousand and 440 yuan / mu (40kg * 36 * 36 * 7 years were =36.288 million -1.8-2=32.488 million yuan), 3 million 248 thousand and 800 yuan per household, truly reflect the poverty alleviation leading role.
Through the project construction, in the case of manual intervention to Acer resources each year with stable and high yield of Chinese herbal medicines have estate Production assurance, and ultimately achieve the purpose of increasing farmers Comprehensive Utilization of land.
In addition, vigorously developing forest economy will play an important role in improving farmers' systematization, promoting agricultural standardization and industrialization, and speeding up the process of agricultural modernization.
The project is expected to invest 914 million 300 thousand yuan, three years after the output of 72 thousand tons of gold was experimentally, authentic Chinese herbal medicine, the output value of 1 billion 592 million yuan.
Four. The nature of the project
This project is a new project.
Five. The total investment and financing of the project
The total investment of the project is 1 billion 61 million 700 thousand yuan, of which the demonstration base is 3000 mu, 70 million 400 thousand yuan, the cooperative + farmers' wasteland planting ten thousand mu 128 million yuan, the development 50 thousand mu investment 914 million 300 thousand yuan.
Sources of funds: self financing + listed financing + application for foreign government loans.