corporate culture
Enterprise culture:
       Integrity, innovation, service
       A man in Germany for the first, honesty is the innovation; not only is a kind of excellent working method, is a kind of excellent life beliefs; all customer value in mind, the service creates value. We are willing to grow together with all the partners and share the value of growth.

Enterprise responsibility:
       At present and in the future, the corporate social responsibility is the foundation and the highest moral standard of corporate social responsibility. We have been committed to creating and providing revolutionary solutions through our good products and services to meet the endless health needs of life. In the process of achieving our goal in creating value through long-term business, responsible for shareholders, by providing a good working environment, training and welfare system, responsible for the staff; through continuous upgrading facilities, good sustained policy and rooted in everyone's business philosophy, we have been reduced we have been reducing our carbon footprint, responsible for enterprise and nature.
       In this rapidly changing era, we will continue our pace to adapt to the different needs of society and make our contribution.
       Responsibility lies in action!