General situation of the park
Shaanxi sincere Pharmaceutical Industrial Park project is the city, Shangzhou District Shangluo City, the two levels of government in 2016 to determine the focus of the project construction, the park covers an area of 166.5 acres, is an important platform for tackling poverty in Shangzhou District and industrial development to build. Relying on the provincial key town park Shangdan Park and Shahe construction, and actively cultivate ecology, science and technology, recycling, labor-intensive industries, efforts to solve the relocation and resettlement of people employment, promote cultivation of medicinal herbs in the development of the surrounding masses, promote public income, achieve poverty.
This project is the main platform of Shangzhou district investment projects landing and industrial agglomeration is implemented by poverty, Shangzhou District People's Government of Shangluo city building, Shaanxi sincere pharmaceutical limited company of science and technology, industry chain extension and follow the guidelines of the comprehensive utilization of resources, implement the scientific, ecological, energy-saving and environmental protection, the guiding ideology of the pharmaceutical industrial park.
Park focus on the development of medicinal plant extract, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine granule, medicinal plant oil, health food, medical equipment and other core industries, and supporting the inspection center, modern warehousing, logistics, economic crop planting, photovoltaic and biomass fuel industry. The main contents of the park are divided into six parts: the office quality inspection area, the production area, the production auxiliary area, the storage area, the logistics area and the living area. The construction of the project is a supporting industry in Shangluo industrial industrial system, and it is a strong support for the development of other related industries.
The internal rate of return of this project is higher than the industry benchmark yield. Besides, the investment profit rate and the investment profit tax rate of this project are all higher than the national average level, which has fairly good investment value.
From the perspective of social benefits, the project can not only add more jobs, improve the income and living standard of the local residents, but also increase the tax revenue for the government. In the project implementation process, the new plant will be on building materials, production equipment has the demand, in the production process will also have a greater demand for upstream raw materials, produce products through the marketing plan, as soon as possible into commodities, stimulate consumption, improve people's quality of life.
To sum up, this project is in line with the national industrial policy and industry development rule. After the implementation of the project, it will generate greater economic and social benefits. The implementation of the project will play a positive role in promoting the development of Shangluo's economy.
Project Name: Shangzhou District Industrial poverty demonstration park cum Shaanxi sincere Pharmaceutical Industrial Park Project
Project address: Shangzhou District poverty Industry Demonstration Park
Scale of the project: annual treatment of 65000 tons of medicinal plants, 4000 tons of pharmaceutical oil, 20 tons of essential oils, 400 million capsules of Chinese medicine granules, 2 billion capsules of hard capsules, 2 billion tablets, 81 million oral liquids, 4860 tons of Chinese herbal medicines.
The total investment of the project is 676 million yuan in the area (including 556 million yuan for construction investment and 120 million yuan for mobile fund), 217 million yuan for construction and infrastructure, 339 million yuan for equipment and facilities, no land fee, and 970 million yuan for outside investment.
Project output: the annual output value of the area is 1 billion 600 million yuan, and the annual output value of the region is 1 billion 400 million yuan.
Project unit: Shangluo City Shangzhou District People's Government of Shaanxi sincere pharmaceutical Polytron Technologies Inc
Project land: 166.5 mu (net land: 152.6 mu)
A list of comprehensive technical and economic indicators

Serial number Project content index Company Remarks
1 Nature of planning land Industrial land    
2 Planning total land area 111000.60 166.5Mu
3 Planning net land area 101710.00 152.6Mu
4 Total building area 88050.12  
Among them: the area on the ground 86306.94  
Among them: underground area 1743.18  
5 Base area of building 45036.26  
6 Building coefficient 44.28 %  
7 Calculation of factory volume rate area 86306.94
The height greater than eight meters by two layer calculation
8 Volumetric rate 0.85    
9 Green area 21003.63  
10 Green space rate 20.60 %  
11 The ratio of the land area of the administrative and living facilities to the total area of the project 2.72 %  
The ratio of the area of administrative and living facilities to the total area of the project
9.85 %  
Entrance and exit
Parking space