A brief introduction to the extraction of intelligent plant for medicinal plants
               In order to build a better extraction of medicinal plants of wisdom factory, all aspects of equipment selection, the item company's installation and commissioning, personnel selection, training and management mechanism, with the establishment and perfection are in strict accordance with the "production quality management standards" raw materials and related industry standards, in accordance with GMP production quality standard.
        Plant extracts production line layout, workshop of plant oil extraction production line, production line, plant essential oil extraction plant automatic production line workshop, animal freeze-dried production line, production line and product testing before the product finished drying, District clean car crushing, packaging and other production processes, utilities: water, air conditioning room arrangement, air compressor room, power distribution room on the first floor side. The purification area is set up in the extraction workshop, and the products of each production line are produced by crystallization, drying, crushing, packing and so on, and made into finished products. Level of purification level D.
        The design of plant extracts production line 26 sets of multi function continuous extraction and concentration unit (volume 6.0m3, evaporation capacity 2000L/h) constitute four, extracting and concentrating production line; separation column assembly 3 groups (600 x 550012 column chromatography / group), 5 sets of spray drying tower (capacity 250kg/h), 1 sets of continuous microwave drying 1 sets of frozen drying, drying, crushing and separating components of packaging and spray dried extract crushing and packing in the purification zone. In the year, 65000 tons of raw material / plant materials were processed, 1482 tons of extract and 670.23 tons of plant essential oil were produced.
        The equipment adopted by the company is advanced in technology, safe and reliable in equipment and good in product quality. It is in line with the national industrial policy and the law of industry development. In the project implementation process, the new plant will be on building materials, production equipment has the demand, in the production process will also have a greater demand for upstream raw materials, produce products through the marketing plan, as soon as possible into commodities, stimulate consumption, improve people's quality of life, new jobs can improve income conditions and living standards of local residents, and increase the tax revenue for the government, to promote the economic development of Shangluo, significant economic and social benefits.
List of project construction planning
Serial number entry name Company
Area covered
Square meter
Total building area
Square meter underground On the ground
Plant storeroom
Square meter   9151.2
2.2 Extraction workshop Square meter   11439
Thermodynamic workshop
Square meter   1331.48
2.4 Solid dangerous goods bank Square meter   545.13
2.5 Guard Square meter   40
2.6 Fire pump house and substation Square meter 230 345
2.7 Circulating pool Square meter 80  
2.8 Sewage treatment pool Square meter 890  
2.9 Accident pool Square meter 380  
2.10 Underground storage tank area Square meter 450  
3 Afforested area Square meter 6725
4 Volumetric rate   1.20
5 Greening rate   18.00%